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Estate Planning is determining where you want your assets to go after you pass. Without a properly structured estate plan, your wishes may not be fulfilled, and your loved ones could be hurt both emotionally and financially.

While the concept is simple, the planning and implementation process can be rather complex. With the ever-changing laws, it is important to work with experienced estate planning professionals who stay current in this field and advise clients regularly.

We stress the 3P's

  1. Privacy

  2. Probate Avoidance

  3. Protection of Assets


We will help you develop a customized estate plan that will protect your assets, if needed, while giving your loved ones the benefits you leave for them.

Basic documents that are commonly used in planning are:

  • Wills

  • Financial Powers of Attorney

  • Medical Powers of Attorney

  • Quality of Life Directives

  • Trusts

  • Survivors' Guide



While we are not attorneys and do not give legal advice, we work with qualified attorneys to provide information and products that are appropriate for you and your family.

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